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Front brakes after mud?

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G'Day all,
Has anyone had the same problem as me that after going through a nice bit of thick mud,the front rotors get all cloged up with little stones & grit? It really sounds & feels horrible!!
I took a look the first time it happened & saw that the meatl "bit":D covering the rotors is like a massive scoop for mud??
Please educate me lads.

Much appreciated,

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as for the brakes no longer getting air. . . . are you serious:confused:? its a patrol. . . not a F1 car.
c'mon mate you've been here a while, you get the usual where people preach stuff they dont practive, something goes wrong and everyone knows better, and patrols are treated like they are made of glass.

My favorite is people that say stuff like 'i put in my new clutch today' and what they really mean is 'the mechanic put in my new clutch today'
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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