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G'day all

I have recently purchased a 2005 GU 3.0 Lt Patrol manual & am still getting my head around the basics for regular maintenance. Through this forum I am OK on the oils for engine, transmission, transfer etc and so far so good.

I am having a bit of trouble with the fuel filter. Repair manuals from Ellery’s & Gregory’s recommend 2 different ways to remove and replace the fuel filter

1st Option; is to disconnect the hoses, disconnect water sensor wiring connector, remove the bolts retaining the filter housing to the bracket & remove filter assembly.

2nd Option;Disconnect harness connector on the warning switch, drain the fuel from filter, using a filter wrench remove filter from vehicle, remove sensor from the filter

Looking for advice on which is the best option - space around the filter is a little tight
If option 2 is the go, how do you drain the fuel from the filter?

An aside but related to fuel filter …..
Am heading to the Gibb in July and was wondering if I need to fit an water separator (Responsive Engineering | Water Testing System | Diesel Filtration | Water Watch - Water Watch System) in the fuel line in addition to the standard fuel filter. Not sure if an additional filter will reduce fuel flow and cause problems.

Appreciate any advice

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Hi Haller and welcome to the forum
I use the 1st option when I have had to change the filter.
I am heading to the GRR at the end of April (picking wife up at Broome airport) doing the Gibb then dropping her back at the airport then I go up to Cape Leveque for a week on my own.
As for the water separator have know idea whether it will cause problems or not there will be other more knowledgable members than I to answer that one.
As for me I don't have one fitted.

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