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I'm old schooled, 30amp auto resetting circuit breaker for me.
Auto resetting circuit breakers should be used on safety circuits like electric brakes and lights.
Nothing more dangerous than loosing headlights while travelling fast down a dark winding road due to a fuse randomly blowing. At least with an auto resetting circuit breaker you have a chance on the lights coming back on.
If your lights are flashing on and off you know there is a problem and will have plenty of time to pull over and investigate.
+1 . If you look at old school underground mining or heavy machinery, they don't use fuses - all circuit breakers.
They also use heavier wiring, screwed connections and soldered joints.
You can buy "upgrade harnesses" for lights, but better to do a proper job yourself with any wiring.
Dry joints cause most of the problems - even in OME fuse boxes.

LIghts fall under the big 3 of essentials = Stop, See, Steer.
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