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GQ 1992 TD42 NA lwb
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G'day fellas, thought i would get some opinions on this matter, after upgrading my wiring harness for headlights for the old gq to combat the issue of the high current through the stalk ive run into an issue of my headlights working but on corrugations or even slight bumps they flicker on and off.
Looking at the wiring harness there are 2 80amp 5 pin relays which i originally thought was the issue so ive replaced them with the same outcome.
Long story short when i removed the fuse it looked like this
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Replaced that fuse and issue is fixed.
My question is how do i stop that from happening im thinking that is caused by poor connection?
The fuse holder looks like this.
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If i change that to a different one will that stop the fuse from melting? Or is that fuse (30amp) too large that when there was a moment when it should have blown it didnt?
Have to say that fuse came with the wiring kit.
I was eventually going to replace that fuse holder one day to one of these
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