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The fuse looks like it had a bad contact in the fuse holder, either due to a loose connection or or corroted contacts. That is creating a restistance and with time and higher load will heat up the area and start melting the plastic enchasing. Had once on a friends car that the fuse was not plugged into the contact, but between the contact and the plastic case, making a similar picture.
Could well be that the fuseholder is not suited for a 30A fuse. Especially the connection surface might be to small for the 30A load and therefore generating heat.

I generally use those fuseholders only up to max. 20A, never had an issue, everything bigger gets a Midi fuse holder (Voltage 30 -125A Midi Fuse Holder - VTMFH1 | Voltage | Shop our Full Ranges by Brand | Autobarn | Autobarn Category | Autobarn)

Had twice trouble with a resetable circuit breakes from China (50A) and stopped using them, changed over to Midi fuses.
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