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Hi all I own a 1992 Nissan Patrol Ute I use as a toe Ute for pulling my old valiants home I collect old rusty cars...

I like the Nissan cause of how strong the car is my old man has 3 Patrols 1992 wagon, 1989/90 Patrol Ute work Ute, and a G60 Patrol he has owned since the 60's hes first 4x4 he reckons its one of the first ones here in Oz no idea how true that is....

He thinks its about a 1958 is there any way to ID the early ones to the experts out there ????

Just keen to no the information its a soft top and has some mods he uses it in the floods and pulling stumps out of the ground. It sits up the back yard awaitting to be fixed up one day and road use... It has been lifted up a tad........

Dam strong machines and well loved in our Famialy,,,,,,,,,​
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