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Here's some modifications I did to mine back in the eighties:

Put wheels on the roof. You can drive upside down:

For better aerodynamics you can modify your body work. This mod also came with the air brake deploy option that flipped the bonnet open above 80kph - slowed you down real quick:

Big tyres aid in floatation. I also did the door stay mod courtesy of a heavy tail wind. Wind deflectors on bullbars were also popular back then but they didn't like trees very much:

Suspension mods for superior flex and duct tape on the air vents to give you an extra 10kph:

Flared wheel arches courtesy of a big hammer and vice grips. Flat tyre courtesy of unflared wheel arches:

Top down and doors off for the good old days when coppers didn't worry about that sort of stuff:

Heavy duty roof rack, capable of holding at least two alcoholics:

Sorry, couldn't resist :iconbana:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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