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Hi all,
When I bought my 2011 John Deere, the previous owner had an Ironman Bullbar fitted to it. I immediately noticed that where the bar fits up under the headlights there is a rather large gap (2-3 inches) between the top of the bar and the bottom of the headlight. I wouldn't be quite so bothered by it if I wasn't able to see everything directly behind it, such as the horn and wiring, but I can, and it is slowly starting to bother me more and more every day. I even went to Nissan and had a look at what options are available for the genuine Nissan bars, as I have noticed that the two of them are very similar. I found that for the black flare guard patrols, the genuine Nissan bar has an optional extra to fit an infill piece that closes up the gap.
Has anyone seen these?
Does anyone know of anything that exists for the later model patrols that all have the colour coded large guard flares? Apparently the infill wont fit the newer models.
I will endeavour to put up a photo or two ASAP to show you all what I mean.
If everyone is confused, please ask and I'll do my best to explain it a bit better.

Dave T.
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