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Gearbox sub gear on counter gear, our of alignment

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Hi all have had a **** with boxes of late, smashed 3rd 2 weeks ago on Thursday, robbed my new build of a box, and installed Friday driving Saturday and 3 days later(whilst driving carefully as I don't have a spare) seems like a blew the new one. Ffs
Noise is when loaded in 2nd, 3rd and 4th with load and noise is only when the car is moving and is not rpm related otherwise I would assume it was a crank.
Anyway looking over a 2nd hand one I've bought the subgear that lives behind the counter driveshaft looks to be out of whack somewhat and has started to mark mainshaft drive gear.
I'll upload some photos tomorrow
Looking at my other broken boxes it look like this gear can be stretched and not mesh as per design, anyone else had this problem and could this make the box box not spin as nice as I'd like
Many thanks


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