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gf0012-austs mav and troll

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89 LWB Maverick, 31"s, set up as a tourer, TB42


90 SWB GQ, 32" muddies, dobinson springs, 3" lift, TB42: dual fuel, 9000lb warn, ARB rack and bully

date stamps wrong as the camera zeroed to default date
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changed the host to photobucket - now works properly
Installed the first gas strut:

toyota hi ace struts, they are already fitted with brackets so literally a bolt in job once you find spare (and solid) real estate in the engine bay.
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hey mate where did you get that gas strut from or what off??
its for a toyota hi-ace.

bought it through ebay.

I chose the hi-ace struts because they're designed for a heavy load and the fact that they already have hinges mounted on them, so no need to dick around with ball mounts etc....

$59 for both struts..

the second strut will be fitted on the weekend once I clear the wiring around the master cylinder...
fitted an N13 Twin Cam steering wheel into Red..

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Steering wheel Steering part

$13 wheel puller
$20 for the wheel

removed centre nut with a wheel brace (17mm)
tightened back on using long socket and a 1/2" bar for leverage

horn connections are the same...
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Hey mate do you have closer pics on how you have mounted the struts
Hey mate do you have closer pics on how you have mounted the struts
I've taken it off since Trav suggested that it might exert too much pressure and warp the bonnet.

I'm currently trying to find 2 x smaller units that aren't exerting so much poundage.

the hi-ace strut was pretty impressive, it would pop the bonnet upon release and once uncatched would send it straight up.

when I had the hi-ace strut on I placed it against the strongest part of the firewall and then lined it up against the bonnet at full supported extension (ie with original support bar in place)
Tradesman rack fitted to the Mav

rack off a 96 Jeep Cherokee - unfort not a perfect fit as cherokees are smaller in width (by a fraction) - and the width between the front and rear-most bars on Mavs/Patrols is not "square"

the trademan racks are a full gutter skid, so not as flexible to line up, but better load bearing
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cyclonic installed on the shorty

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive exterior Tree

Tradesman roof rack on the mav

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire
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Nice mods. I´m realy liking the struts to hold the hood. I´ll think i´ll steal this idea and put some struts under my hood ;)
replaced spotties after stones buggered up the lower ones
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Automotive exterior
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replaced the water pump on shorty:

check out the vanes... odd as no metal lying around in the sump etc...
Auto part Vehicle Wheel
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awesome mate,what size tyres.
they're only 31x10.5xR15's

Not shabby for a "stock size"

they're retreads, but its not as if I'll be doing 110+ in them.. :)
sweet projects ya got there mate. thought they need to get dirty mate! any wheeling pics?
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