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Glasshouse mts

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Hi guys n gals,
Does anyone know if they've re-opened the glasshouse mts tracks yet? was keen to head up there on sunday.

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Planning on going up there this weekend on Saturday it will be my first time there as we pass it from the highway about every 4 weeks on the trip to the mother in laws house but we are actually going for a play this weekend, has anybody got any tips for some tracks that are not extreme hardcore but still fun and challenging
Thanks for the in depth write up I will print this up and take it for reference also have a gps with breadcrumb feature so will use it but I do have a compass hopefully all will go well and no damage wanted hopefully will remember to take photos and post up
Ok well I went up there on Saturday but got a bit lost on the directions we took with us played on the coast side of the highway before we went up to the Glasshouse side of things made it to the first Powerline, thinking we were there cause their was tracks aplenty ran into 4 other guys in 4bys and asked where they normally play he said down this way (aka the first powerline). Anyway we enjoyed the day and found some nice tracks in the forest section bit muddy in places and we came upon a track I thought was too much but a local came by and said no you will be fine so we followed and had no problems at all.

On the bonus side when I returned home and checked where we had gone compared to where was suggested we weren't to far off so we will be taking print outs with us the next time and have penciled it in for the first weekend in March this time I will get to the right place

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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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