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GME TX3100 UHF Install pics

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Just thought i would share a picture of my install of a GME TX3100 into the centre console as i wanted it to look neat, and didnt want to buy a roof console. There is three blank switches in this location which can be removed and then file out the dividers between the switches and it pretty well just slips in. I then used the bracket supplied and secured it with small screws out of sight to the back of the empty switch panel. You need to run an external speaker which i mounted underneath the dash near my left knee out of sight. The TX3100 is a very small unit not much bigger in size than a packet of smokes and works great!! I got the UHF, Aerial and external speaker for $385 new.
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Niiiice job dude.

Doesn't work for me as I have my Rear Floods and Intercooler Fan switch's there but that will be a great spot for a lot of people
Nice job mate you have got me thinkin now ;)
Thanks for your comments, i thought some people might like it.
I was actually planning on doing the same, good to see that someone has actually done it. Only thing that I'm not sure about is having an external speaker, but it looks too good not to put it in that spot. How about wiring it up, difficult?
Gday Joostoz, the reason you need an external speaker is when you install the unit in this location the speaker is hidden inside the console and you wont hear it.
Here is some pics of the external speaker i fitted....
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I removed the nut from a bracket that holds the computer i think then put the speaker on the bolt and replaced the nut.
As for the wiring I took power from the back of the cigarette lighter which runs on 'accessories' power.
By the way you will need to remove the entire centre console to do this install but its not hard and took me about 1 and a half hours. Hope this helps.
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that looks good mate grate job
i mounted my external speaker under the console under the handbrake handle
spewin if your passenger wants to put their macca's cup there.


When two beer/maccas cup holders are required i just hook the hand piece around the 4wd gear knob.
Hi all

I am going to put a uhf in a new 2011 GU IV and want to know the best route for the coax from the aerial on the BB to the cab. The firewall is locked up tight and the main wiring loom is heat shrink wrapped, folded double before entering a very full looking grommet.

I would not like to make any new holes in the firewall seals and am considering opening up the main loom adding the coax and about 5 extra electrical wire as spares for future projects and then sealing it up again and re-installing. Not sure if heat shrink tape is available as the tube type wont work?

Also read some issues with kinking coax so not sure about folding the loom wiring double when re-installed.

Any suggestions welcome.

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Very nice. I'll have to have another look at my install. That is really neat. Mine is just on the drivers side of the gear stickpanels.
Your install is elegant in its simplicity.
Looks good! But ... the only problem i can see is how visible is the channel display and controls when you are driving.sorry to nit pick.
I fitted mine there in 2006, but I got a 50mm tweeter grille and cut the side of the cup holder where the speaker lined up with and mounted the flush grille there, no need for the ext speaker(there crap anyway)
It is a neat place to put it. A friend has the same radio mounted there in his GU. Unfortunately, they seem to manage to knock it off channel regularly. We always know what the problem is when we can't contact them.:D
have you got pics jet? and is it still there or have you moved it since then?
Its still there and i love it, ill get some pics tonight and host them for you, and about the display, a remotely mounted LCD panel is on the card for one of my next mods
I have my LCDless tx3820 in the same spot. I used to have a tx3800 that had the face there but as mentioned i kept accidentally changing the channel and you couldn't see what channel it was on.

The TX3820 has the LCD in the mic, which sits up on the dash so you can see it and not knock it.

I also have the same tx3100 but it is installed in front of the gear stick facing upwards - easy to see and use. I have an auto so it doesn't get in the way.

One radio for listening to convoy, the other scanning for other convoys..
uniden are bringing out a 77 channel uhf.. saw it instore today..under $300...
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