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I did the Gas to strait petrol sway in a shorty a few years back . I'm not sure what issue's will come from your's being EFI . But as fare as putting the Tank, sender and crap back in it fairly easy .
you can just swap the EFI fuel pump back over to your main tank . and re-connect your fuel lines up . my Factory hard lines wernt cut/ changed at all .
if you want to keep the sub tank you'll just need to deside if you want to be able to switch between tank's or just fill your sub tank and then use a trancfer pump to fill your main tank ( this is the easyest / Cheepest way ) . otherwise you'll need an electronic valve to switch both the fuel intake and return line's over , and a second EFI pump ( I'm not sure if the EFI pumps are in the tank or not ) .
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