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Gold Coast Auto electrician for second bat

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Can anyone recommend a good auto electrician who can wire in my second battery. I have mounted it, wired the cabling to the rear etc however I would like someone to wire the Redarc solenoid and connect to the main battery, also supply the required cabling to do this.
I live on the Gold Coast however can travel to south Brisbane ish area if needed.
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its pretty easy to do yourself if your keen.
but otherwise we use burleigh heads auto electrical at the end of christine ave thru work and have always found good service and pricing. heap of older blokes who work there and they no their stuff.
just about any auto place should be able to sell the cables, including the terminals. they are just ordinary crimp terminals on the ends. as for fuses again most auto places will have them or be able to get them or jacar sell some pretty big fuses so try them.
but i dont have my dual batt wires fused at all. as i run a winch thru them id blow em to easy. not really saying this is right or wrong but its how mine is. i just put some of that black split wrap tubing over all of it to stop any dramas like it rubbing or anything. its been like that for 18 months now with no dramas at all.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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