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gold coast to warwick?

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hey all looking to head out to warwick for new years leaving friday. at the moment the gap on the cunningham highway is closed. they say it should be open friday at some time but dont really wanna rely on that to much.
what are the other options to get out that way with all the rain and stuff around.
was looking at lake mogerah(spelling?) rd then onto spicers gap road but unsure if its sealed and it says best avoided in the wet.
the government is saying up to warego highway then out either via towoomba range or gatton clifton rd but either is a fair way out of the road so to speak.
so i guess my main question is is spicers gap rd any good after a bit of rain?
open to other routes as well. trying to keep it short as possible but am realisitc it isnt the best time to be trying to get out that way. also has the river into warwick gone done enough to get into warwick itself yet??
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i got caught at the gap once for 2 hours while they were blowing up boulders, its the only way i know to get to warwick unless you go via toowoomba maybe?
toowoomba is heaps closer i think, i did the lismore route a few weeks back (to stanthorpe) it took me agesssssss, if you chose lismore you could always pop into rover park :)
Toowoomba - 264km

Lismore - 320km
When are they going to flood the wyaralong?
plugged it last week, already got some water in it from all the rain we had
oh no 5hit hey
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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