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I just joined up to the forum and thought you guys might be interested in our short shifters.

The GU short shifters are to suit the FS5R50B 5 speed transmissions giving a 40% recuction in shift throw. As with the GQ sfifters, the gear knob remains in the same ergonomic position and fits vehicles with AND without body lifts.

The GQ shifters to suit the FS5R50A 5 speed transmissions are also in stock.

This is the only way to remove all the play in your current shifter and you make you truck more awesome at the same time too.

Both shifters are 100% bolt on and are 100% Australian made except for the genuine Nissan components.

GQ shifters are $395 delivered and GU's are $525 delivered.

There's more info on our website for anyone that is interested.
Products | Unlimited Industries

Both units are in stock and ready to ship.
Contact Bryan 9399 3837

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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