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Gq Fuel Gauge as LPG Gauge

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To the Guru's, i need some help/advice/guidance

i am making the GQ straight gas and have removed the fuel tank and most of the fuel system and am currently in the process of fitting a second gas tank.

I now have a useless dead fuel gauge on my dash and thought well instead of having 2 lpg gauges, it would be nice to have the original one give me a readout of the lpg in one of the tanks.

I know all the requirements with resistances etc. but my question is i have a 0-90ohms lpg sender on the tank but what are the resistances for the factory GQ gauge?

also since the plug is now disconnected where the tank was can i just run the lpg sender wire to the original plug that sits above the diff? which wires in the plug are relevant as i there is only one wire coming from the sender?

all help will be greatly appreciated..
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With a couple of diodes and a 2 way switch I have both my batteries reading off the one gauge, I guess you could get both LPG tanks reading off the one gauge as well
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