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GQ LWB Project

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Merry Christmas Everyone.

Ive decided to upgrade from my 1990 SWB Patrol to LWB.

Its a td42 manual. The engine is in awsome condition no problems at all. Im not selling it

My issues with the swb is size of the car, Driveline and rust. I want more room for touring etc.

I was wondering can I buy a petrol model LWB Patrol and Swap my stuff into it. Hopefully without to many hassles :)

How much different are the GQ petrol wiring harneses to the diesel ones? Being a SWB my existing harness won't work? or will it?

I plan to get a mechanic/electrician to do the engine swap etc due to size/ weight

Any tips and advice would be appreciated


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Cheers outback for the reply!

If i decided to buy a GQ 2.8 LWB as a donor car would that be a better option as its allready a diesel model?


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