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GQ LWB Project

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Merry Christmas Everyone.

Ive decided to upgrade from my 1990 SWB Patrol to LWB.

Its a td42 manual. The engine is in awsome condition no problems at all. Im not selling it

My issues with the swb is size of the car, Driveline and rust. I want more room for touring etc.

I was wondering can I buy a petrol model LWB Patrol and Swap my stuff into it. Hopefully without to many hassles :)

How much different are the GQ petrol wiring harneses to the diesel ones? Being a SWB my existing harness won't work? or will it?

I plan to get a mechanic/electrician to do the engine swap etc due to size/ weight

Any tips and advice would be appreciated


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the loom is in 2 pieces one the front loom from passenger seat back will be differnet lenght and has a few extra wires for central locking, door light switch. the front half of the loom will fit fine. its an easy swap pull seats out disconcet from hand brake light switch, pull the dash out and unclick and plug everything. unbolt the fuse box and disconect all the plugs in the engin bay and pull its all out through the cab side of the firewall. verry easy. there were 2 difent engine mounts (2 bolt and 4) you can mix and match if u have too but its easyer to stay with the same set up. another difenance will be the bell housing on the petrol there is 1 bolt hole missing for the starter moter (pertol has 2 bolts diesel has 3). OR you can keep the existion petrol loom ther is a bit of messing round to set up a glow timer system. you can but a bogaard one for about $200 (thats the glow timer) and wire that in. or just set up a push button. (push n hold 5sec? for cold starts) the taco set us is differnt on the pertrol it comes from the disy and diesel from injector pump oil presseure senders + temp senders are the same so you can just plug them strait in. IMO change the looms its much easyer. its verry easy to DIY just sit the cars side by side and change one thing at a time if your not sure.
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iv never had a 2.8 so im not sure but i think all the running gear was differnt in them?? not 100% sure as i said i never had one. so if your planing on paying somone it will cost more to change it all over. as MQ MAD said if you can find a cheep TD4.2 that would be the best way to go altho rare to find a cheep one they do come up. or have a go at it yourself and if you get stuck them look at paying somone.
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