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G’day guys

I know there are a few older threads on this but there’s not much recent info, so I’m just seeing if anyone knows about any new products on the market.

So I’ve got a GQ with a safari snorkel. I’ll be getting rid of this soon for a short or bonnet entry 4” snorkel, so I’m going to be needing a new front left guard. I thought while I do this I may as well sort my flare/wheel coverage issue.

DNA off-road do a fibreglass oversized guard, but unfortunately they only make them with the standard snorkel hole and don’t offer it without the hole cut out. So won’t work for my snorkel option.

Is anybody aware of any companies making larger guards for the GQ? Also, for those that have gone a standard size fibreglass guard, how did you find the fitment? Everything align ok? Any ideas on approx weight savings? Not sure how much weight I would save which would be a bonus but I’m concerned of not going a genuine panel and it looking off.

Second part is if I go a standard panel, what’s my options for wide flares? I’m not looking for Flexi/rubber flares, or garden strip, I want something with a bit of quality. I know of Kut snake, but I’m really not a fan of their look. They make the GQ look too much like a Jeep imo. I do like the Grunt flares design, but after contacting them it seems they may not be making them anyone and after a few searches it seems their quality and value for money is very questionable.

I’ve contacted Zoltan and he’s not making any for the GQ with no timeframe of when or even if he’s going to be making them. Any other options that I’m not aware of?


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