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Hey all,

I have been collecting parts for a R31 skyline turbo conversion, however a mate of mine is going to get himself a 4.2 turbo diesel patrol.

We both love to go camping, etc so i have been thinking about how i can use my current parts collection towards a 4x4, this got me thinking about the RB30s GQ Patrol.

The parts i have are:
Turbo Manifold, Wastegate
VL Turbo ECU & Injectors
Turbo Lines
Big Intercooler

I'll be getting myself a t3/t4 turbo from precision turbo's soon, so have most of a rb30e conversion sorted...

My questions are:

What is involved with an EFI conversion on the GQ RB30s?

I have heard about people using gas with their rb30s (not efi) and have had success with turbos, what systems would you guys recommend?

I'm now regretting selling my bomb of a VL commodore as I'm sure things like o2 sensors etc would be salvageable.

Any thoughts?


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