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Hi all,

I recently was looking to get a roof rack for my shorty, mainly because I was getting sick of how difficult it is to store stuff on roof bars. I put in a bit of time trying to work out what would fit, how long it should be etc etc... There was a few advertised as being 3/4 length, some posts saying to go a full length and so on. I ended up doing my own measurements of the roof and trying to find a rack that would best fit.

I ended up going with a Rhino Pioneer Tradie 1828x1426 (part: JA9339) because it was aluminum (lightweight) and the right shape for my needs. As you can see, the rack goes right from the front of the roof all the way to the back without any overhang. I did need to put some spacers in because the rack was too low and hitting on the center of my roof. I used 20mm total on the rear legs, 10mm in the middle and 10mm in the front (part: LHS2PAIR).

Hope this helps out anyone with a shorty who is looking for a rack and isn't sure on what is the best size.

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