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Hi guys,

I put up a post a while ago now about power to the rear of the GQ patrol and asked where everyone was putting their switch panels etc. I have now finished mine and I'm just going to post some photos and info to give other people some other ideas on what you can do.

I used 6mm ply wood and shaped it off the old quarter panel trims so they came out as a very similar shape, I than cut/drilled out all of the necessary holes/slots for the switch panels I chose and for the way I mounted the trims. I than covered them in some vinyl that's the same colour as the rest of the cars trim for the factory fresh look (trim came from Annvid Auto Upholsterers at Capalaba Brisbane QLD). In the photos you will see stainless screws holding the panels on, these are NOT self tapping screws because I will avoid using them at all costs so they're M5x0.8 threaded machine screws. Obviously I need a thread to screw these into so I used all the standard holes (which are there to hold the old trims via the clips that are in the trim) and put M5x0.8 nutserts straight into the holes with no drilling or anything (a nutsert is like a pop rivet with a thread in it and you will need a special gun to do it, google it). I chose the baintech panel on the left side rear trim because that was the side the fridge was going and I needed to make a cut in the steel behind the trim to allow this to fit (can be easily avoided by using a different switch panel but it was easy as I just carefully marked it out and drilled the corners of the cut and cut it with a grinder). I have one 50 amp circuit breaker at the front near the second battery and separate circuit breakers for each circuit at the back.

For the fridge slide I used 18mm ply and fixed it using all the standard threads in the floor (because I hate selp tapping screws and new holes in my car). I than used similar coloured carpet and fixed the slide to the false floor (the 18mm bit of ply which you can use self tapping screws in and gives an even surface), nice and simple but that's how I wanted it because it allows me to still put large objects in the back (put drawers in and there's no space to put anything else in there). Hope this is helpful to the punters and gives some people some new ideas.


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