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Hello all.
I am having a LOT of carburation gaps, despite having had the Nikki professional cleaned and tuned now a couple of times over a month. Mechanic says it is old and battered but he is unable to refurbish it.
I am thus considering the two following options for which I would like to hear if anyone has experience:
1) ship the Nikki to Recarb for refurbishment;
2) replace it with a Weber 38 - this is the kit

(Nissan Patrol GQ 4.2 38 DGMS Weber Kit Weber Performance Carburettors).

I am ruling out the Holley as according to forum’s review is heavier on fuel.

Note: I have run a search of the forum and read already some old feedback on Weber.

Anyone’s experience/ feedback will be appreciated.

Best regards
Not much involved to refurbish a carby. Not sure what mechanic means by battered but I would get a second opinion, maybe he just doesn't know how to tune a carby.
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