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Gq td42t diesel pump

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Ok after playing around with my gq td42t yesterday on the dyno I found that my diesel pump is not as good as I'd hoped .... So I think it's time to buy a modified diesel pump the problem I have is I don't really know much bout diesels and I don't know what I'm asking for or if what they are selling me is going to be the right thing for what I want ..... Baisicly I want to run a aftermarket Garrett turbo boosted up with my front mount cooler n stuff but I want the pump to be big enough to handle anythin I can throw at it ..... Not limited to what power I can make out of it ..... Is there any key elements I should ask for ? I'm from Geelong in Vic so I think I'll speak to Mark from JPC and see what I should do but can anyone else recommend any body to speak too ?
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BS! the TD42T can pump out some bloody good figures without going to the extent of a 15K conversion. Plus it will still be reliable.
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