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Hello all,

My name is Daniel, living in Holland(the Netherlands) in Europe.
Age 32, working on dredgingvessels/workboats.
Mainhobby is 4x4, owning 3 Patrol GQ SWB'S.
Rest of my hobby's/intrest's are classic cars, boating, nature and more.
In the past i owned also a Patrol GQ SWB from 1996, after that the love never disapeard.

Ok, enough talking for now, here are my cars;

~Black Pearl~

This one is a 1997 2.8TD GQ/Y60SWB with now a broken head and gasket.
Has a diff.lock on the rear axle, i will modify it into an pick up, 6" Tough Dog suspention, 37" Super Swamper Boger TSL tyre's, sportseat(s). Frontwinch is already there(12000lbs)
And i will install an TD42 (non turbo) into it wich ill take from the next Patrol;

~Wrecked one~

Its a 1989 GQ/Y60 SWB wich i only bought for parts, the chassis and
underside of body are not to save anymore.

~Black Thunder~

It's a 1992 GQ/Y60 SWB with also an 2.8TD, but with modified head, steel headgasket,
3" Trailmaster suspention, 3" bodylift, 35" A/T tyre's, sportseats and sidepipe, the
rest is original and it will stay like that.

If you wanna know more? just ask, I will ask enough here to :D

GReetings Daniel
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