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Grey import 1997 NK Pajero

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Looking at a vehicle for our inlaws and came across a 97 Pajero V6 jap import today with low klms (for the age) in a tidy condition

I believe it was imported around 2005

It has lots of stuff that the Aust deivered ones probably didn't have such as rear aircond,auto aircond,ajustable shocks,sunroof,etc and this concerns me as i know with Toyota grey imports that the extra stuff can cause drama's with parts availability if they need to be repaired

Wondering if anyone has thoughts or experiences with this model as far as reliability goes with 100,000 klms on the clock and expecially how helpful Mitsubishi dealers are when you ask them for parts for a grey import

Also no record of a 90k service being carried out so not able to verify if the timing belt has been replaced

Wondering if anyone on the forum has had one of these & any thoughts would be appreciated

Regards Don
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Not sure where you are based but Chadstone Mitsubishi in Melbourne had no problem supplying parts for imports.

My brother bought a 1993 SWB grey import with the 3.5 liter motor; it has adjustable shocks and 40mm of lift at the flick of a button not to mention lots of other electrical goodies.


FWIW i'd never buy another grey import. Too much trouble to insure if nothing else!
I think that's changed now days.

With my brothers Pajero we rang Just Car insurance and they had the exact model listed on their database. 3rd party mind you but being an import was no problem at all.


1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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