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Group Buy - Thermocouples (for pyro/EGT)

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My exhaust has a 1/2 inch thread on it for a thermocouple, i can't find any reasonable priced ones online or ebay so i'm going to get some custom made in China by a manufacturer I've used before and trust.

If anyone needs a K Type thermocouple with any thread, cable length, termination, or probe length PM me or email [email protected]. Prices should be about $45 delivered to you.

Compatible with VDO gauges and others:
100c 4.04mv
200c 8.137mv
300c 12.20mv
400c 16.4mv
500c 20.64mv
600c 24.902mv
700c 29.128mv
800c 33.277mv
900c 37.325mv

Postage for 1 thermocouple costs more than the thermocouple itself, hence the group buy. I'm getting 1/2in thread, 5mm wide, 30mm wide probe (from end of thread), 2.5m of cable personally. This fits the Beaudesert exhaust/dump pipe and VDO gauge.
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Thanks for the link tim, unfortunately they dont have a thread that will suit my needs. Their thermocouples can be had on for $10-15 free postage too.

If i can get 9 people getting thermocouples at the same time as me, price per thermo couple delivered would only be about $35. Postage is the killer on these!
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