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GU 2.8 blowing smoke

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hi guys dont know if this issue has been cover i just brought a gu 2.8 and on start up it blows black smoke and right through the rev range it blows black smoke i have take to ARB for a tune they tell me the tune is spot on has any one got any ideas

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its a diesel?????? a bit of smok is ok, esp on startup u will get some, n if u thrash it, shouldn't b that noticeable while idling...

put some diesel injesctor clean thru the tank, cld have dirty injectors or sumpthing....
ive been logging fuel consumption since i bought the car bout 6 months ago, its done 250k and i get between 14l/100km to 16l/100km, depending on whos driving, if roof racks r on, n if its town driving... the woman seems to get better fuel consumption than me... go figure ?!?

99 2.8 gu BTW
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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