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well its not a jpc custom, but i managed to get onto a garrett 2860rs for a good price so figured i should jump at it. just been chatting to jpc still planning to get it sent down to them for a few little adjustments and once everything is all bolted up it will go down there for a tune.
im currently sketching up a few ideas for a new air box, was able to chat to a few people and get some ideas, so ill put them all together and fab one up out of aluminium or stainless, and then get onto a 4" snorkle before it goes for a tune.
it may take me a month or so to get everything sorted and do things when money lets me but looking forward to the upgrade. currently my gu 4.2 ute pushes around 16-17 psi, pwr water air cooler and a diesel gas system, dont know current kw/hp but im hoping the upgrade will get her not only pushing only nicely but maybe some better fuel figures.

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