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GU 4.2TI Fuel Shut off Solenoid (Anti Thieft)

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Has anyone had an issue with the Fuel Shut Off Solenoid on a GU Y61 4.2TI Anti Thieft Fuel Pump?
My Wagon has been hard to start when warm, Just cranking and not firing. When I leave it to cool or tap the pump and linkages then try again she sometimes will start, but over the last week has gotten worse.
Has gone to United Fuel Inj to get it replaced, Fingers crossed that fixes it or its a $650 lesson...
Anyone had the same probs....
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Would this work for a 4.5 Carby (tb45s)

Hi Guys, Sorry to resurect this old thread but do you have any idea if this is the same type of system on a carbed 4.5? I have a swb middle east spec (I'm in UAE). This thing has been driving me crazy with a two headed problem.

First problem: NATS engages 8 out of 10 times I try to start it. I have to turn the key off and on until the light does not turn on, then it will start.

Second problem: The engine will just die periodically, mainly when offroading(dune bashing type). Sometimes under load sometimes not. After it dies it usually starts(sometimes the NATS engages, or not) but it is slow to start after this and there is usually black smoke in the exhaust. Today within one hour it stalled about 10-15 times

I know it doesn't seem like this is related but several times I've had the key and NATS resynched and it will work well for awhile, no engine dying and not NATs issue so it seems they may be related.

I would love to just disable this solenoid on mine as you have if this is possible.

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