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GU 4.6 petrol performance & consumption

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How does the GU manual 4.6 petrol compare with the TB42 carby? I am particularly interested in comparative stats when towing a heavy camper or boat. Does it lose power and speed on long hills? How would it compare with my GQ in which I can tow a three tonne tandem trailer up the Braeside range between Warwick and Stanthorpe in 3rd gear at 80 Kph on 3500 rpm. How would the fuel consumption compare with my GQ - 24.2 L per 100Km loaded to the gunnels and full roof rack, towing a KK,Charleville to Caloundra 110 - 120 kph. Any feedback from members who have moved from a GQ petrol manual to a GU petrol manual would be appreciated.
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You do have a choice when towing with the 4.8... Do I want to lose speed going up this big hill or do I want to increase my BP shares value.

The 4.8L will eat your 4.2 Carb for breakfast and most likely use the same amount of fuel doing it. 4.8's get about 17L per 100kms cruising on the highway in stock form, between 20-25L per hundred would be fair for towing a camper trailer I would think.

I can't tell you exact figures because I tow my camper on LPG and my car is fairly well modified. I get between 27L and 33L per hundred k's towing my camper on LPG. Depending on the terrain/speed/temp etc.
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