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GU 4.6 petrol performance & consumption

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How does the GU manual 4.6 petrol compare with the TB42 carby? I am particularly interested in comparative stats when towing a heavy camper or boat. Does it lose power and speed on long hills? How would it compare with my GQ in which I can tow a three tonne tandem trailer up the Braeside range between Warwick and Stanthorpe in 3rd gear at 80 Kph on 3500 rpm. How would the fuel consumption compare with my GQ - 24.2 L per 100Km loaded to the gunnels and full roof rack, towing a KK,Charleville to Caloundra 110 - 120 kph. Any feedback from members who have moved from a GQ petrol manual to a GU petrol manual would be appreciated.
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Looks like the old 4.2 carby is a ball tearer 16 kw/kg against 13kw/kg for the 4.8. I think you may have typed that a bit wrong or got your kg/kw around the wrong way. Next time have a little bit of patience with newbies!

i know what you're saing but when i did the same thing on (i forget which website) my hilux vs patrol i found my 1998 2.4td hilux had more kw/kg than the 4.2dt GU! The website has it wrong.

But I agree with your closing statement!
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