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I love my truck, it's big and it's tuff, what i dont like is the little p1ssy girly wipers on it. They look like they belong on a mini.

Is anybody running aftermarket wipers? something more solid by any chance?

if so where did you get it and how much, were they hard to install?

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I have used the Bosh Aerotwin wiper assebly & love them, @ ~$50 a pair, they are not cheap. Go down to super crap or autobarn & check them out.

Currently I have the Trico Neo form ones which are also very good and are almost identical to the Bosh ones.

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Real men don't use wipers though. lol

My GU wipers dont seem to like adjusting to stop them scratching the glass, so this might be the go. Do they have rear ones aswell?
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