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Gu central locking

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Hi Guys

I Finally added the Genuine Central Locking Actuator to the drivers door of my GU ST.
It basicly took me all day as i didnt want to drill holes through the door.

After removing the door trim and removing the (lock switch) i needed to run two more wires from the central locking control unit to the actuator.

I found 4 wires in the door that were not used for anything (on the plug that goes to the mirror) i just removed 2 of them from the plug and rerouted them to suit and extended the wires.

On the other end of the harness where it connects to the body, i unplugged and identfied the two pins corresponding to the 2 wires i was going to use.

I then removed the other end of the plug from the body and found two more pins of the same size with wiring going to them from the body harness, but no corresponding pins in the door harness (which means they are not used ) I cut the ends of and soldered 2 new wires, pins needed to be repositioned so they match up with the other end of the plug.

The two wires that i added, i ran them to the control module and connected up to the correct wires.

Central locking actuator, as i didnt get it with a length of wiring, i just soldered the wires directly onto the pins and filled the hole with hot glue.
Mounted the actuator in the same position i removed the switch from.
Tested, and put it all back together again.

Started installing two way alarm system, not completly finished yet but i can now use my remote to open and close the doors.

It started taking pics but i got frustrated and short on time and just continued without pics. Ive only got a few pics from the door wiring if any 1 wants to see them ill put them up.
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Hi jimako,
Thanks for a detailed write-up, I will be looking into doing this myself in the coming weeks.. Could you please post up the pics you have?? or PM me if that is easier??

Thanks a lot

yeah thanks for the great write up
some pics would be fantastic
Sorry Guys, I looked for the pics last night but i couldnt find them, i must have deleted them or i dont know where i put them.

Im happy to help out as much as i can from what i remember, just ask.
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