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Got a bit from the site so hoping this will help someone. I will try and post pics when I work it out but PM if someone has this problem and I will email.

I had my passenger front door lock up on the weekend. Did a bit of a search on here to find ways of getting the trim off or opening the door. I searched on here and found what i expected that there is no way of getting the trim off while the door is shut. After a couple hours of thumping the door (to try and loosen something as others had done) I started to think about cutting into the trim.
Had a bit more of a think about it and found I could just pull back the cloth above the handle and expose the masonary backing board. I then did a 75mm hole saw on that so I could get to the actuator. I was able to mess around and free up the problem then open the door.
Pulled out the white actuator thingy and its basically rooted and starting to fall apart. I'm currently hunting another to replace it but have disconnected the door lock in the mean time so it does not actuate with the CL. I glued some this plastic over the hole to seal and put the cloth trim back on so you cant tell there was ahole there. I know tis thread is worthless with out pics but it may help someone doing a search later on.

I have one question. Does the rear passenger slave off the front passenger? My wife rang me earlier to tell me the back door was playing up. I have made the assumption that its to do with me disconnecting the front.

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