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gu engine conversion.

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gu 5L engine conversion.

hey guys.. have been doing some searches but have come up kinda at the same result which hasnt answered my question.

i am considering a engine conversion for my GU but was going to put a holden 5L engine instead of the LS1/2. and before you ask yes i have looked into both and i have made my decision. the cost of the LS1/2 outweighs the benifits over the 5L as far as im concerned.

i have heard a few people say that you have to use an engine as old if not newer then the car your putting it into.. i havent heard this before and i have seen a GU with a 5L in it but mostly its GQs.

has anyone put a 5L into a GU and if so can you give me an idea of what the end results were and any info that will make my decision easier.

if it helps the GU has a 2.8L and i was going to replace the manual with an auto with the reduction gears in the transfer case.

i have a budget of around $7K and will be able to do pretty much everything myself. (might need a hand with the electrical side.... im a black hander).

also how roughly am i looking at for an engineers cert. i have never had to deal with one before...


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well the 5L isnt exactly a slug. yeah it may not be a supercar engine but show me a 4x4 thats running 10sec 1/4s and then going out bush to throw mud about. i dont need a 300hp engine. i just want something that is going to give me good solid power. i know the 5L is a strong engine.

i have a $7k budget. not $10k+ yes i understand the extra power and better fuel efficiency of the LS series engines. i have had a 5L and had 2 LS1s in the past before i got into 4x4s.
so i know the LS1 is a better engine. but i simply cant afford it.

i know that you can easily get double the power of a 5L compared to a rd28 at the wheels.

alot of people are putting them into GQs with very good results.. so why wouldnt i get them in the GU???

hell if i had the money i would love a LS1 they are a great motor, but i dont... i have to live to my budget and what is ok for me... at the end of the day a V8 of any kind is going to chew fuel.

if someone has a better option in my price range im all ears...
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thanks guys. will look in to it but like i said. i doubt i will be able to find the money for a LS engine change.
thanks guys.... lots of good ideas.... too many in fact now im lost in ideas haha..

will keep scouring the net i guess. if i can find a good motor gearbox combo in the LS1 i will be looking at it...

thanks again.. will keep you posted on my final decision

again guys. i can see both sides to the argument. i like both motors as an option. and eventually i will have to choose something. if i can get some extra money from somewhere yes i will definitely look into the LS1 because i have had 2 before and i know them well enough. however i still think while yes it is an out dated by todays standard and not as powerfull or efficient. the 5l may still be a viable option.

i didnt want to cause a debate over which engine everyone thinks is better and why. i know both engines. and their flaws. it was more a question of affordability.

either way, i will make sure that my decision is well though out and planned. i am pretty good on the tools (should be after 8 years of working with them) so hopefully if i can do the majority myself i will be able to keep the costs as low as possible. and i will be posting a start to finish on the project.. see alot of people starting a thread and people are still waiting for the final results.... i will just do it all once i am finished.... save the suspense.

cheers again

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