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gu engine conversion.

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gu 5L engine conversion.

hey guys.. have been doing some searches but have come up kinda at the same result which hasnt answered my question.

i am considering a engine conversion for my GU but was going to put a holden 5L engine instead of the LS1/2. and before you ask yes i have looked into both and i have made my decision. the cost of the LS1/2 outweighs the benifits over the 5L as far as im concerned.

i have heard a few people say that you have to use an engine as old if not newer then the car your putting it into.. i havent heard this before and i have seen a GU with a 5L in it but mostly its GQs.

has anyone put a 5L into a GU and if so can you give me an idea of what the end results were and any info that will make my decision easier.

if it helps the GU has a 2.8L and i was going to replace the manual with an auto with the reduction gears in the transfer case.

i have a budget of around $7K and will be able to do pretty much everything myself. (might need a hand with the electrical side.... im a black hander).

also how roughly am i looking at for an engineers cert. i have never had to deal with one before...


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GU Davo,

just putting it out there but here is a tied and tru recipe for 200kw at the wheels.

check out my threads in DIY called Turbo your RB 30 GQ.

Whilst the RB25 is a good idea too they are a little small in capacity. But a naturally aspirated RB30 from ebay or wreckers will only set you back say $200 and anything under 200,000km is fine for a turbo platform. You can bolt the thing staight in bar sump from Castmaine rod shop, think they supply a plug and play loom too. Get hold of 6 green injectors from a turbo exa or pulsar, they are $5 each from pickapart or wreker. Reasonable from mount cooler from ebay, a nat aspirated VL ecu chipped from a mate of mine for $50, TB42 fuel tank and pump, vernier cam sprocket and mild cam, ebay exhaust manifold and a nice little GARRET GT35 turbo.
Retain your gearbox/ac/ps and ancilliaries.

I have played with these engines for so many years and built heaps of reliable streeters and a fairly impressive GQ that was mild but awsome and totally reliable.

I suggest this because I believe it is within your capabilty, engineer will have no probs with it ( I myself am a mech engineer), also can guarantee youl have a smile from ear to ear. Will cost you no more than 4K using quality nissan and aftermarket bits. Fuel economy will be around 13l/100 on premium (cruising) and finally its totally LPG compatable, never gone there myself but plenty on outerlimits have with pleasing results.

Pm me if you want some contacts and how too's.

Oh and another thing going this way is that you can fit and run the engine and leave it minus turbo and intercooler while you iron out the kinks and save up for some goodies. You should be able to have a RB30 in and running for way less than $1000 that includes the $500 change over sump.

at the end of the day its a big decision and a fair wad of coin, which ever way you go keep us guys on the forum in the loop heaps of good knowledge.

On a final note, I have built a few 304's in not overly impressed by design or money versus hp of the injected ones.
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