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gu engine conversion.

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gu 5L engine conversion.

hey guys.. have been doing some searches but have come up kinda at the same result which hasnt answered my question.

i am considering a engine conversion for my GU but was going to put a holden 5L engine instead of the LS1/2. and before you ask yes i have looked into both and i have made my decision. the cost of the LS1/2 outweighs the benifits over the 5L as far as im concerned.

i have heard a few people say that you have to use an engine as old if not newer then the car your putting it into.. i havent heard this before and i have seen a GU with a 5L in it but mostly its GQs.

has anyone put a 5L into a GU and if so can you give me an idea of what the end results were and any info that will make my decision easier.

if it helps the GU has a 2.8L and i was going to replace the manual with an auto with the reduction gears in the transfer case.

i have a budget of around $7K and will be able to do pretty much everything myself. (might need a hand with the electrical side.... im a black hander).

also how roughly am i looking at for an engineers cert. i have never had to deal with one before...


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I had my 5l injected fj45 for three years on the road. Never used a drop of oil and never leaked anywhere either. Had torque everywhere try saying that about an ls1. The 5 litre doesn't weigh double an ls1 about 40 kilos. i agree that they are a great motor not disputing that. When you are on a budget though the five litre is a good option. Have a look at the manifold on the 5 litre they are designed for torque and unless you are chasing more than 400 hp they are fine and actually better for torque than any other manifold. Especially on standard cubes. The ignotion system is fine. If you space the motor correctly very easy to work on. On my vy i had three coils crap themselves when the car had 45000 km on them.
Injected 304
A dizzy on a 304?
A dizzy on a 304?
Yes you read correct, 304 and dizzy

I'll stand by my view, I don't need to argue my point any further then I have, ive worked on plenty of 5Ls and i know they aren't a great design, the ignition system uses a distributor, it's old and dated, individual coil is much more precise and produces a much stronger spark

I was over exaggerating with weight but they are defiantly alot heavier, the 304 manifold is a very restrictive unit, big 90 degree bend after the throttle body, they won't make anywhere near 400hp with the stock manifold, you would be hard pressed to get past 250hp

Mechanics recommend a manifold swap from mild cams and upwards
I thought they had a knock sensor and 3 coil packs? Am I wrong or is that maybe just the VS-VT ones?
Ahh your thinking of the v6 vn-vy with 3 coil packs wasted spark setup
Another option.... :)

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have you considered importing an engine yourself from USA? The $$$ is worth something currently.
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I've already offered a l98 for 2200 with 34000 which really is the cheapest ls engine he will probably find
sorry once again stevie16 they actually came out with 288 to 300 horsepower in the vr and vs stroker motors. 215i anyone. nothing wrong with a dizzy. They are right at the back at the motor sure but that means less chance of getting wet. mine made 200hp at the wheels with 35 inch tyres That works out alot more than your 250 hp. Like i said they aren't a bad engine at all. If you have the money put in an l98 or l76 even they are a much better option for low down torque than an ls1. This guy is on a budget and as far as budget goes they are pretty good.
The stroker motors dont make that power at the wheels mate, ever seen one on a Dyno?, that's an over estimated factory figure, a guy I work with spent a bomb on a vs gts with upped compression, forged internals the works and it made 313hp

But that's off topic, the discussion was about 304 Holden engines not 350 Holden stroker motors, ofcourse an engine with bigger displacement will make more power and back to the budget as op isn't gonna fork out for a stroker motor
I agree with stephen16 everything he has said is spot on. 2200 for an l98 man that's a steal I would be jumping on that one.

My brothers vp ex chaser 5l had a crow cam and chip kit and couldn't even break the 200 HP mark, it was 190 something at the wheels and that's in a commodore (little wheels not as much drivetrain loss).
Forget it. Of course the ls motors are better they are newer and have billions spent on their development. we are talking about budget and for that the 5l is a good option. Would you rather 190hp at the wheels with a five litre or 100 maybe with a zd30 or 28. I know which i would rather. Plus a well mantained five litre will do 300000easy kys. I think you are all missing the point. The guy already said he couldn't stretch to an ls1. Did anybody here of the oiling problems they had with the ls1. No motor is perfect they all have their problems. Depends on dollars. If dollars were not a problem i would probably put a bombed duramax in mine. Or a 454 lsx with a 3400 whipple. Not realistic
When you do an engine conversion legally you have to use an engine the same age or newer than the car its going in. Seeing the Holden 304 ceased production in 99 you have a very small window of engines you can actually use. This i probably why you never (rarely) see this conversion done into this vehicle. You might struggle to find one.

Brother has a 90 GQ with a 96 VS 5l and 5sp with a 200kw chip. Its a weapon not overly powerful but nice and punchy down low.
That is only half true mate, the engine has to meet emissions standards at the time the car was made, so if your putting for example a 2000 model engine in a 2002 model car and the emissions laws didn't change in that time or it still meets the laws for 2002 it's legal

There is a way around that with running straight LPG also

I have a friend with a s15 Silvia 2002 model with a r33 rb26 engine (1994-1998) and it's legalally engineered

Or fitting a bigger cat and getting it proven.
again guys. i can see both sides to the argument. i like both motors as an option. and eventually i will have to choose something. if i can get some extra money from somewhere yes i will definitely look into the LS1 because i have had 2 before and i know them well enough. however i still think while yes it is an out dated by todays standard and not as powerfull or efficient. the 5l may still be a viable option.

i didnt want to cause a debate over which engine everyone thinks is better and why. i know both engines. and their flaws. it was more a question of affordability.

either way, i will make sure that my decision is well though out and planned. i am pretty good on the tools (should be after 8 years of working with them) so hopefully if i can do the majority myself i will be able to keep the costs as low as possible. and i will be posting a start to finish on the project.. see alot of people starting a thread and people are still waiting for the final results.... i will just do it all once i am finished.... save the suspense.

cheers again

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GUDAVO, there would be nothing wrong with the 5l, The vn heads are spose to be able to flow a heap of air, They are very punchy engines. I remember one of the car critics saying" Anyone who is going to jump out of the ol 5l into the gen 3 will be sadly dissapointed at the amount of off idle grunt" All the best with the decision mate, hope it all works out
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