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We are about to fit a TD42 in a ZD30 chassis.
As the ZD30 engine mounts do not match we have cut them off the chassis. We cannot buy original TD42 engine mounts through Mr. Nissan here, probably as the TD42 was never imported.
It looks like the RD28T engine mounts have the same angle and will match the TD42 - And they also seem to be identical to SD33T engine mounts. And we have a set of RD28T mounts which we have cut off a wrecked chasses.

My question is: The TD42 is a lot heavier than the RD28T plus we want to increase output to around 200HP on the TD42. So ARE the RD28T mounts identical to TD42 - That is: Can they support and take the strain?

Cheers and thanks

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