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Ok guys, been a long time since I came onboard again,

My sincerest apologies to all who gave help, my life is crazy with 4 kidlets!! Had holidays, weddings, sicknesses and so on so on...

So here it goes,

I bought a GU y61 with a rebuilt direct injection, best guesstimate of failure was a lack of tensioning on the head bolts, some were finger tight, some were so tight I broke a breaker bar and bent/twisted a head bolt

There was a failure on the cylinder four head gasket between the exhaust and cooling cavities leaking water into the piston.
With MUCH help and patience from two very marvellous people I met on here I was able to convert my car.
So a shout to Russ and Flemo for their amazing personalities, one who was on the other side of the country and due for deployment, the other who had work and family commitments but felt the goodwill to help a complete stranger and result in a friendship.

So it began with stripped existing Di components, removing the electrical running gear and storing aside.

I then needed to obtain three distinct wiring harnesses to integrate all features,
The lower control loom
Engine control loom and chassis loom

I installed the motor myself with the aid of a manual I bought at superchit autos,
The fuel filter bracket on a Di can be used by cutting two inches out of it, rewelded and bolting in, this is because the crd has a nice squeegee squishee pump at the top that will hit the bonnet... So cut it down!,
We had to remove my dash, to rewire the computer, the crd comp runs most electrical devices like dash, etc through canbus(to my knowledge) and the do doesn't. I can't elaborate too much on electrical because I cheated by paying a auto spark to do it, we had issues with abs modules (decided it wasn't needed, problem fixed!) the aircon, the sub tank, rear demister, window up/down, rear wiper, fuel pump and so on.

The car was fitted with a 3inch mandrel system and a chip for the injectors whilst being reassembled, without the chip it did 88 kilowatts at the rear wheels on the Dino, and 127 kW tuned, finished product, we spiked at 141kw but for fuel etc we stayed for all round performance, I showed Russ the slips for those who are in disbelief!

Since converting, I have thrown the 17incch alloys, rear reverse lights with switch, secondary battery, amp, stereo with Bluetooth handsfree, roof rack, couragia mt tyres33inch tyres, rear power supply, and as of this week, new tyres, front slotted rotors and new turbo.

Now I know the 4.2 gets a great fan base... To those who are gonna hate on this and be all... Td42 all the way... Shut up, I've towed trailers with motor bike, 2quads, and camping stuff and still flogged your donkey buckets! Lol
Serious but, with egt spiking highest at 680 with trailer, up hill in fifth at 120km/h, I'm happy. Would I swap it for a 4.2 that I keep overtaking ? Possibly, but I know a few friends in Perth who have 42's and let's say the motors great... It's the chit that connects to it they keep breaking, turbo, pumps, all sorts.

My car is a family car, like I said we have four kids, so I'm happy, we're getting 800~ km per two tanks! and my sub is really small... Only gives a 1/4 on my main. The car is zippy, and till my recent shooting adventure and poor maintenance by previous owner, has not needed any work except servicing.

I returned from a week away camping and shooting with the ambition of changing brakes and servicing, the turbo was a bit laggy so I checked it out and had a fair bit of slap in the centre shaft, so I replaced it, the brakes were on legal limit so I bought new rotors, the suspension is standard Nissan that's 13 years old, so it needs replacing, the tyres were getting bald so I bought some 17's off Russ that bought me another 6 months, then he lined up some new tyres for me which I fitted this week.

Would I buy another Di??
Unless I knew it's owner and knew the mechanic, NO
Would I buy a CRD, same, unless I knew the owner and mechanic, NO,
Would I buy a Td42, again! not unless I knew the vehicles and it's social circle!

If it was possible and I had two brand new patrols, a 42 and a crd, I would buy the crd.
Each to their own, that's my opinion, I respect yours, and don't bag out those who do the 42, but the cost of purchasing and yeah, I'm happy, that's what matters to me.
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