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Hello everyone,
I have a 2000 model Patrol that is gas converted with an inco gas system. It is the 4500 ST manual. I have had the car for about six months now and tow a horse float with it. I have been very disappointed in the performance of the car both towing and general driving, and after some research I have decided that it is definitely not running properly. The fuel consumption is awful...i get about 300kms to the 90L gas tank AT BEST and the average fuel is about 270km for the tank. With towing down to 200km per tank. It runs very sluggish and has alot of trouble getting up hills. The car has a 3 inch lift kit in it also which i know can effect its power, and also has 285 33 inch tyres on it (cooper discoverers).

I would like to know if anyone could suggest a good reputable mechanic that specialises in gas systems and has experience in working with the patrols, I am in geelong area so even melbourne would be fine. I want the car tuned to run as best as it can on gas with a bit more grunt and better fuel consumption. Can anyone help??? What are other owners fuel consumption/performance like compared to mine? Thanks!
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