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Hey guys,

Has anyone here bought anything off Kenay Customs Website before? looking at tidying up my current switch design in the cab? the website seems alittle sketchy to me thats all

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Have a search around there are a couple of threads I've read in the last couple of months

Here's one

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Yeah I got one of the ones that replaces the useless sunnies holder up the top in a series IV, perfect fit and quality, perfect colour match, very happy with it and I have no problem recommending it. I鈥檓 sure their other stuff is probably just as good but admit I haven鈥檛 seen any of their other products first hand.

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I got the switch panel that replaces the standard one with the cigarette sockets. Fits good and decent quality. Would recommend getting the sub tank switch from him too. Wouldn鈥檛 bother getting the other switches from him though

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I've known him for years. The website is definitely legit and he is a member on here.

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Yeah I bought lower dash panel from Kenay, it went up in price now by almost $30. The idea is great the execution of it not so...
I had some dealings with him afterwards and after some correspondence where I ordered more switches got nothing back.
TBH, be aware of the limitations, mine would not fit straight as advertised, the quality of the 3D printed panel is exactly that, and fiddling with 12V plugs tested my patience.

The biggest issue I have is that I stupidly bought the subtank switch and harness (not working as advertised) as well and it is causing me headaches but in turn it educated it me greatly about "Carling" switches and the Nissan subtank switch.

I wished to have all switches identical

His switches have custom actuators (the thing you press/actuate) but the limited range offered is a bummer. I asked him for some custom engraving, but got nowhere.

All Carling switches actuators for series "V" Contura 2,3 and 4 are fully interchangeable and trivially easy to do with the tool for 5 bucks. There are plenty of vendors on Ebay with huge variety of either actuators or complete switches with different colour LEDs available.


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On my old patrol I put switches in the sunnies drop down, and got sick of the acc lights just above eye level when driving at night so killed the power to the switch lights.

This patrol I have put them in the centre console replacing phone controls and blanks. Easy to see at a glance, and not shining in your eyes, much better IMO.

I like a nice dark cab.

But if you're the type to light up the cab like a christmas tree, then knock ya self out ... 馃槤 :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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I have the GU IV sunglasses switch holder and definitely rate it, had no issues with delivery and the product is great quality.
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