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GU Patrol front brake upgrade kit.

$1950 + freight.

Kit includes:
DBA 5000 Series T3 slotted directional brake rotors.
4 piston calipers.
CNC machined adaptors.
NAS bolts & nuts (specified by DBA to fit the rotor to the adaptor hat).
DBA XP brake pads.
All parts are new.
Brake rotors are 330mm diameter, a substantial increase in size over the stock GU rotors at 306mm diameter.
This is a complete bolt on kit which bolts on directly in place of the standard GU Patrol brake rotors and calipers. No further parts or modifications are required.
Rotors and brake pads are commonly available parts, not custom made items, meaning replacement pads and rotors can be bought through any auto parts store when required.
A 16” Dynamic rim has been trial fitted over these to check for clearance and they fit with a couple of millimetres to spare. Easily fit under a 17” rim.
Note: Just like any other brake upgrade, these will require a mod plate to be legal to use on the road.
PM me for further details.

Located: Tassie - can freight Australia wide

PM me here for specific freight costs.

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