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I've been putting these off for a while but decided to finally do it. These are my home made drawers made from 12mm ply. (sorry bout some of the pics) enjoy...

firstly i made a masonite template so i could locate the tie down holes and also to have it in the shed if someone wanted to borrow it.

i then cut the base out and positioned the engel slide

i then made the frame work for the drawer

then added in the sub box which i purchased for 50 bucks

then i covered it with carpet tiles i had lying around

i then trimmed off the edges with some aluminium angle and fixed some luggage hooks to the top

then i made the drawer to fit (cannot upload this photo) and fitted it into the truck

i fixed it to the floor using four existing points some 50mm m6 high tensile bolts and some mudguard washers

all up cost of about $300

that is all cheers
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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