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Hi all this is my ti 4.5 206 000 km, 4'' lift efs extreme shocks castor plates and all the other stuff. I bought the car 6 months ago was going all good until spun a big end bearing so new shells went in crank was un marked luckily was going good for another two days when it got a rattle when starting cold suspected cracked piston it now sits on the shed floor. luckily picked up a another motor very cheap was un shore about it cause of the price, but 6000 km later still going strong.Only fitted the lpg, lift, tyres; bullbar within last month all up with replacement motor Im still only owes me around around 14,000, still a fair bit of stuff want to get done some good ideas on here.So far best car iv owned, now Im a bit scared to dirty it, but I guess that will change with in couple of months

A quick question for some one, what is the best way to sell the old motor thinking sell distributer, head and injection rail seperate and chucking the rest or will i get more complete and what price should i be asking for them.
Thanks Mick


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