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gu turbo deisel patrol ute

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can anyone help? we have abovementioned ute which goes great at higher speeds but when starting out or stopped at lights etc is positively dangerous as it will not go until floored.
if anyone can shed some light on this problem we would be most grateful. thank you Maree
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sounds like a possible fuel problem,
id be starting with the basics, new fuel and air filter, with the engine running crack each injector pipe one at a time, this will make sure no air is in the injection lines.
also there is a very small gauze filter underneath the fuel inlet banjo bolt on the injection pump. you need to remove the bolt and get a very small pick and pull it up. clean it out and reinstall back into the pump. then rebleed system and retest. hopefully these cheap fixes will help. otherwise id say its off to a diesel injection place.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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