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GU work in progress

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Just thought i'd post some pics of my GU that i'm transforming.
i've had a heap of mods done to it in the last couple of weeks and i'm stoked with how it's turned out.
So far -
285/75/16 Federal Couragia MTs,
3 inch lift Dobo springs & Lovells shocks & Ironman steering dampner,
Uniden Uhf & aerial,
Ironman Snorkel,
and the Vega 220 spotties are going on, on saturday.

Will prob have to look at a spare wheel carrier now that the 33's will be weighing the back door down, plus a roof cage to come.
Here's some before & after pics.



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Looks great!

I have a 33" on my door with a Kaymar stand-off bracket. A steel rear bar and spare carrier will add so much weight you'll be up for new springs, and the total cost will fall between $2000-3000.

Or, you can just get a new rear door if your current one sags or cracks... for maybe $200. I haven't actually seen a door that's been damaged by a 33" yet... worth thinking about.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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