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Hand Winch Cable Damage - Supercheap

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Went to use the hand winch in anger and as I pulled the cable in a section that was frayed got jammed between the two feet (pulling mechanisms). Due to it being frayed it can't be forced in or out of the winch.
Any thoughts how I can pull the cable out? Was thinking of disengaged the feet and using the car to pull it out?
Also, do I need to replace the cable or just not us that section in the future?
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If your winch is constructed like mine then you can split it in half. This should help you get the cable out. You can do a grease up and service at the same time.

I bought a new cable from ARB, but you'd have to check the diameter of it.

Don't rush the hand winches mate ;)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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