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Handbrake adjustment

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Hi All.

We have an 02 4.8 manual patrol, and to put it mildly, the handbrake doesn't work. Reef it on, and if there is a slope, the car will roll. At the moment, all that is holding the car is the fact we are leaving it in gear.
How hard is it to adjust the handbrake, and what should we look out for?
Should anything be replaced, or will a simple adjustment do?
Has anyone ever done this at home before?

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The 4.8's have a disc / drum arrangement on the rear axle, w/- the drum part of it being the park brake..

These are adjusted the same way as conventional drum brakes (screwdriver or proper "brake adjusting tool" through the backing plate)...

However, as long as the shoes have a reasonable amount of meat on 'em, it'll be quicker and easier to simply adjust the cable from inside the vehicle...

With the handbrake lever in the released (down) position, push the rubber thingy (that blanks off the lever slot, & moves up & down with the lever) to one side, or just lift the end of it out of the slot, look in there (you'll probably need a light), and you'll see a 6mm threaded rod with a nut on it.. (this is the end of the handbrake cable)..

You'll need a (10mm) deep socket, or tube spanner.. simply adjust this nut, and I think you'll find that that'll do the trick :)

If you're 'half handy', it'll take less time to do, than it took me to type this ;)

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I'm wondering if anyone has done the shoes on the 4.8... I've adjusted mine all the way inside to max and it still does not hold the vehicle when the car is parked on a slope. It will hold if the car is facing forwards down the slope but not if it has it's back facing down hill.

I guess they must be buggered, but I've never done shoes like this before. Done drums on a hilux and courier, but never a disc/drum setup...

Jeff, if you've done conventional drum brakes, then these are (more or less) exactly the same, but on a smaller scale :)

Once you've removed the road wheel (with vehicle supported on suitable stand(s), of course ;)), remove the caliper (& support it out of the way), and the drum / rotor will come straight off, revealing the inner workings ..

It's been a while since I checked mine, but from memory, there's nothing in there that is likely to cause any grief .. pretty much a standard drum brake set-up...

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